Launch of the first collection: Les Signatures Créatives

A poetic vision

L’Horloge de Flore is a new perfume brand, born in Grasse, the cradle of French perfumery. The brand is launching its first collection called Les Signatures Créatives through four fragrances: A la Brune, Au Crépuscule de Morphée, A l’Heure Miroir 11H11 et En un Tour de Cadran. These olfactive signatures are all poetic interpretations around a flower, at a time when it exhales its best perfume.

L’Horloge de Flore is an artisanal perfumes brand created around high quality ingredients. Inspired by the botanist Carl Von Linné’s flower clock, which organized the flowers on a dial according to their opening and closing times, the range is composed of welve fragrances corresponding to the twelve hours. ach fragrance is a fragrant interpretation of a flower at its olfactive paroxysm – when it exhales its best scent.

Also, the brand has chosen to name each of its perfumes by an expression of the French language related to time. The fragrances of L’Horloge de Flore are singular – flowers through a poetic vision and lyrical names.

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Les Signatures Créatives

L’Horloge de Flore launches its first collection: Les Signatures Créatives, four fragrances highlighting the creativity of the perfumer. They are come around the lily, the iris, the mimosa and the geranium corresponding respectively to the hours: nine, ten, eleven and twelve.

The first, A la Brune is a spicy floral Lily full of sensuality, an awakening to temptation mixing mandarin, white flowers and musks.

t is the Iris that is expressed through sandalwood and violet sugar in Au Crépuscule de Morphée.

The fragrance A l’Heure Miroir 11H11 swirls around Mimosa with accents of Heliotrope flower, bursting with positive energy.

Finally, Géranium, magnified by leather and vanilla, sweeps away everything in its path in En un Tour de Cadran.

Coffret avec les 4 parfums de la collection "Les Signatures Créatives" de l'Horloge de Flore, marque française née à Grasse.

The fragrances from the Les Signatures Créatives collection are presented in a box.

Composed of four spray bottles of 10ml each, this box instantly immerses you in the world of the Clock of Flora.

Our showroom opens its doors to you

Hélène Prévot welcomes you to her showroom in Grasse, open only by appointment, to discuss and introduce you to this first collection.

f you would like to meet her, the contact form is available here.

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